5 Tips to take care of your pets in winters

5 Tips to take care of your pets in winters

These days are turning out to be really chilly in Goa these days. We cannot think about going out for morning walks without our winter jackets anymore. The nights too tell a similar story to tell. With this onset of cold winters, we began to wonder. ‘If we feel so cold, wouldn’t our pets too feel the same? Shouldn’t we take care of them just like we take of ourselves? Buy sweaters, ensure a good, comfy bedding.’

We thought of sharing some tips with you. Do let us know the tips you follow as well.

Keep your pets indoors

Dog sleeping on the bed

Whether it is cats or dogs, all pets feel cold. Can you say that a fat person wouldn’t feel cold and a skinny person would? No, isn’t it? Pets, no matter what breed they are, feel cold. You must protect them from being exposed to this cold. The best way to do so is to keep them indoors. Ensure that they stay in a warm room. Secondly, most pets seek refuge under the cars to keep themselves warm. Do not forget to check your car before you turn on the ignition.

Use woolen clothes to wrap your pets

Dog wearing woolen sweater

There are many sweaters and jackets available for pets in pet shops and online stores. Pick up the right fit for your pet and help them wear it. They might actually not like being dressed. But as the saying goes prevention is better than cure!

Arrange a proper bedding

Contact with a cold floor could make your pet fall sick. Arrange for a mattress or a bedding for your pet. Keep it in the place where they usually sleep. This way they will not feel unfamiliar.

Fur keeps your pets warm naturally

Dog wearing a collar

Do not think about shaving off your pet’s fur during winters. Fur is found to be a natural warmer. By trimming their fur, you are making them more susceptible to cold and chills. Ensure that you give your pet shorter baths and dry them completely before taking them out in cold. Use coconut and fish oils to keep their skin and coat healthy during winters.

Refill drinking water

There is a high probability that water could turn ice-cold during winters. Ensure that you change your pets drinking water often.

We hope that our tips will help you in taking care of your pets in this chilly winters.

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