Dogs can now brush their own teeth!

Dogs can now brush their teeth
Dog brushing his teeth

Yes, you read it right! Dogs can now brush their own teeth. This is possible because of this incredible invention by Petros!

Petros was very disturbed when his childhood dog died of some dental disease. He was so disturbed by the incident that he came up with this amazing invention. He was inspired. He did not want to let his other dog and those of others suffer from a similar disease. This invention by Petros has indeed revolutionalized the canine dental care.

It is found that almost 80% of the dogs suffer from some kind of dental disease. The most common age is found to be above 5 years. It is also found that such diseases also contribute to organ failure or death (in the case of smaller breed dogs).

dog with his brush

Petros passion for canine dental care has saved hundreds of dogs from all over the world. You can purchase the same here – Purchase link

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