Cat person versus Dog person

Dog and Cat owners have unique personality. Which one are you?

Are you a cat person or a dog person? This question is something that you must have encountered on many instances.

This activity on classifying people into two categories has been going on since quite a long time. The recent studies have proved that the choice of your pet actually speaks a lot about your personality.

If you are creative individual who has interest in music, reading and writing...there are high chances that you are a cat person!

Mars Petcare conducted a survey on 1000 dog owners and 1000 cat owners. The results are astonishing. According to the survey, a dog person is more likely to be in financial sector where as the cat person is the one who chooses creativity. A dog person tends to earn more money than the cat person. Likewise, a dog person spends more money than a cat person. While cat person finds interest in documentary films and music, dog person enjoys horror and action movies. Romantic comedies also seem to interest dog people! Cat people indulge themselves in 'gentler' hobbies like gardening, reading and writing while dog people are the ones who enjoy sports, yoga and travel. The Workout Buddies - Dogs Having a gloomy day, pet therapy works. Isn't it? A cuddle or a listening ear is what pets are for all of us. The dogs are not just this, they are excellent workout buddies.

Dogs make an excellent outdoor companion (provided they are well trained and socialized)

Whether it is running or some exercise, dogs are your workout buddies. It is found that dog owners are runners and have an active sport life. We cannot forget to mention that it is their dog who have a major role to play. As far as cat people are concerned, they are the ones who indulge themselves in thought process and always find a friend in their cat. They find comfort in their cats and always love conversing with them. Be it a little talk with your cat or a run with your dog, no matter what your friend is always there for you! Pets - A Living Bundle of Happiness Though dog and cat people show so many variations in their personalities, there are some common things between the two.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of his soul remains unawakened."
Anatole France

Both, dog people and cat people include their pets in their travel plans. They celebrate their birthdays every year (A dog person could go ahead with throwing a grand party!) They get gifts for their pets occasionally. Whether it is a cat or a dog, our lives are greatly impacted by their mere presence. They make us responsible. They shape our personalities. They play a significant role in our lives.

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