Will this innocent act open our eyes?

Will this innocent act open our eyes

Children are pure souls. They are like wet clay. Whatever you imprint, it remains forever. Their simple and innocent thinking can make us adults put to shame. This young child from Mizoram has done it all to make us realize our responsibilities.

This boy from Mizoram ran over his neighbour’s chicken with his cycle. He panicked about the situation. He carefully picked up the chicken and ran to the hospital with whatever money he had in his pockets. The guilt of hurting a chicken made him rush to the hospital.

You will be surprised at seeing the expression he had on his face. That guilt, that hurt was quite visible.

Don’t you think if we adults were half as sincere and honest as him, this world would have been a better place? Time to think about it!

Note – This article was originally published on India Times.

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